14 Best Tools for Starting an AI Automation Agency in 2024

February 29, 2024


Businesses are increasingly turning to AI automation companies to improve their operations as AI technology develops. We have put up a list of the best 14 AI tools directory for 2024 that may help you get started in this profitable industry. These programs can help with text-to-speech, video editing, and AI voice production, among other aspects of AI automation.

1. Adobe Firefly AI


Adobe Firefly AI is one of the powerful AI tools for video editing that leverages AI to streamline the editing process. It offers features such as automatic scene detection, intelligent editing suggestions, and advanced color correction tools, making it an essential tool for any AI automation agency.

Firefly was trained exclusively with licensed photos and public-domain content, in contrast to other AI tools. Because of this, it is a brand-safe choice for businesses and commercial design projects. Additionally, Adobe adds Content Authenticity Initiative metadata to the photos it creates, indicating to users that the image was made using AI and providing credit for any content that was used in the process.

Aside from its strategy that is supportive of copyright and potentially more ethical, Adobe’s primary advantage is its extensive market share in the design business. 



2. Speechelo


Speechelo is a top text-to-speech tool that uses artificial intelligence to convert text to a human voice or a natural sound that appears to be highly familiar to humans. Speechelo is ideal for creating audio content for videos, podcasts, and other mediums because it offers a diverse choice of voices and languages.

Speechelo is also used to create unique voiceovers for YouTube videos that are meant to be entertaining or educative. It allows you to create material without the need for voiceovers or audio editing programs like Audacity.

Some users also find Speechelo’s services to be interesting. Speechelo facilitates multitasking by allowing the user to listen to text instead of reading it.



3. Descript


Descript is a comprehensive audio and video editing tool that uses AI to transcribe, edit, and publish content. It offers features such as automatic transcription, voice cloning, and multi-track editing, making it a valuable tool for AI automation agencies.

Descript also leverages AI to provide other valuable features within the program. 

A few examples are:

  • It just takes a few minutes to generate the transcripts, even if you submit more than an hour of audio. 
  • It saves more editing time when finding filler words and removing them right away. 
  • In order to expedite your performance and eliminate that annoying dead air, you can eliminate audio pauses between presenters. 
  • The finished audio files are automatically spliced and levelled when you’re ready to publish, giving the impression that all of your speakers were recorded in the same room.




4. Synthesia


With the help of AI-generated avatars, Synthesia is an innovative tool for creating videos that seem professional. You can quickly produce interesting video content using Synthesia without the need for costly equipment or experienced actors.

In terms of AI video generation, Synthesia is the undisputed pioneer. You may easily type content into their user-friendly online platform to produce videos with live presenters. Select from more than 160 AI avatars (modeled after actual performers) that can speak more than 140 languages. After creating a free AI movie, you can upgrade to an enterprise plan (custom fee) or a beginning plan ($29/month).

Synthesia pros

It is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive, making it appropriate for complete newcomers.

It offers the finest avatar quality available and supports more than 140 languages. 



5. Lumen5


It is considered one of the best AI tools to use in 2024 as it can convert any text to a video with the help of this web application named Lumen5. Your own written material, such as essays, scripts, blog posts, or anything else, can be used as the source material. After analyzing your text, Lumen5 will automatically create a storyboard that includes pertinent photos, videos, and music. 

After that, you may use an easy drag-and-drop interface to alter and personalize your video. Fonts, colors, animations, transitions, and more can all be changed. Moreover, you can include a call to action, a watermark, and your brand.

It is powered by artificial intelligence tools, which can create films from text or web pages automatically.

  • It features a vast library of media assets and templates to pick from.
  • Users can add branding, music, voiceovers, captions, and other customizations to their films.
  • It can assist users in producing interesting video content for websites, blogs, social media, and other platforms.


6. Vidnami


Popular video creation tool Vidnami automates the video production process with artificial intelligence. It is a priceless tool for AI automation companies since it provides capabilities like text-to-speech tools, intelligent scene transitions, and automatic voiceover with the aid of AI Voice Generator.

Enter your script once, and Vidnami’s artificial intelligence will take care of the rest, turning your words into a masterpiece of a video, replete with expert voiceovers and appropriate B-roll footage.

How Vidnami Pro Works

Vidnami uses advanced artificial intelligence to simplify each stage of creating a high-quality video:

Vidnami analyzes your script to determine the topic and context.

Scene Splitting: A logical division of your script into scenes is automatically made.

B-Roll Recommendation: Valuable Storyblocks is where B-roll footage is selected to help illustrate scenarios.

Voice Recording and Selection: You can use high-quality pre-recorded voices or add your own.

Video Assembly: Every component comes together to create a captivating, viral video.

Key Features and Benefits

  • AI-driven scene creation
  • A vast collection of B-roll
  • Choices for an AI Voice Generator
  • Having the option to upload custom media
  • Complete video customization


7. Camtasia


The highly capable screen capture and video editing tool Camtasia provides a ton of AI-powered features. With Camtasia, you can quickly and effortlessly create tutorials, presentations, and movies that appear professional.

 Features include: – 

-Screen recording: Record your screen and narrate it with voice-over.

 – Video editing: Adjust footage and add effects and remarks to personalize it.

 – Interactive tests: To keep viewers interested, include tests in your videos.

 – Voice narration: Take audio recordings and edit them for your films.


8., one of the most crucial online video editing tools with AI-driven technology features, is the following AI tool on the list. You may easily create movies with this application for usage on a variety of channels, including social media, advertisements, and much more. The fact that you can edit films with this program without the need for extra skills is another crucial feature. 


   – Video templates: Choose from a library of customizable video templates.

   – Text-to-video technology: Convert text content into engaging videos.

   – Social sharing: Share videos directly to social media platforms.

   – Video hosting: Host your videos on’s platform.

   – Analytics: Keep tabs on your videos’ performance with comprehensive analytics.


9. VocaliD


VocaliD is an AI-powered Voice Generator tool that creates custom, natural-sounding voices. With VocaliD, you can create unique voices for a variety of applications, including virtual assistants, audiobooks, and more.


   – Voice cloning: Create custom voices based on existing recordings.

   – Voice customization: Modify pitch, tone, and other voice characteristics.

   – Multilingual support: Generate voices in multiple languages.

   – High-quality output: Produce natural-sounding voices with high fidelity.

   – Customization options: Control the speed and pronunciation of generated voices.


10. Sonix


Sonix is an AI-powered transcription and translation tool that can accurately transcribe audio and video files. You can easily edit and repurpose your content by using Sonix to convert speech to text instantly.

 Features include: 

– Automatic transcription: Swiftly and precisely transcribe audio and video files.

 – Translation: Provide multilingual translations for transcripts.

 – Collaboration tools: Exchange transcripts with team members and work together on them.

 – Editing tools: Rewrite transcripts to make them more readable and to fix mistakes.


11. Wideo


With its array of AI-powered capabilities, Wideo is an online video creation tool. Without requiring complex editing knowledge, Wideo makes it simple to produce films with a professional look for social media, advertisements, and other purposes.

 Features include: 

– Customizable templates: Select from a variety of themes tailored to various video styles in a collection.

 – Drag-and-drop video editing: Easily add and rearrange video elements.

 – Real-time preview: Watch your edited videos before publishing.

 – High-quality output: Make HD-quality videos.

 – Music library: Use a collection of royalty-free music tracks to incorporate into your videos.


12. Animaker


Animaker is a superior option if you’re searching for a program to assist you with animation features for your project. This AI tool will enable you to produce stunning animations. With its characteristic of offering a wide selection of customizable templates, Animaker is a perfect tool for making animated videos for business, education, and other applications. 

 One of the features is the ability to create animated characters for your videos.

 – Text animations: Include moving text in your movies.

 – Music library: Use a collection of musical selections to enhance your animations.

 – Templates: To get started right away, select from a number of pre-made templates.

 – Customization options: You can easily alter the appearance and feel of your animations.


13. WoFox


WoFox is a design platform driven by AI that provides a variety of tools for producing eye-catching images, films, and animations. You can simply make professional-looking graphics with WoFox for social networking, advertisements, and other uses.

 Features include: 

– Design templates: Select from a collection of templates for different types of design tasks.

– Tools for modifying images: Use these tools to crop, resize, and adjust images.

– Tools for creating videos: Use editable templates and effects to make videos.

– Animation tools: Use pre-made effects and templates to create animations.


14. Vidyard


Last but not least, Vidyard serves as a platform for users to produce, publish, and distribute their videos to the public, making it one of the AI tools for video marketing. Building relationships between producers and viewers is made simple with the aid of AI tools. This AI technology can produce valuable outcomes.

 Features include: 

– Video hosting: Use Vidyard’s platform to host your videos.

 – Analytics: Use thorough analytics to monitor the effectiveness of your films.

 – Customized video production: Make films that are unique to each watcher.

 – Lead generation: To increase leads and encourage conversions, use videos.

 – Integration: For a smooth process, integrate with additional marketing tools.


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