Kreado AI


July 29, 2023

KreadoAI is an AI video creation platform that allows users to create multilingual oral videos of real or virtual characters by entering text or keywords. The platform provides creators with AI empowerment and is free to use.

KreadoAI is designed to help users create realistic virtual character animations using AI. The platform has been featured on various websites such as Product Hunt & AI Tools Arena, which lists KreadoAI as a tool to create multilingual language videos.

Features :

Oral broadcast video creation
More than 70 kinds of real-life digital characters, supporting multi-language text-to-speech synthesis and oral broadcast video creation

AI Marketing copy generation
Quickly generate multilingual advertising marketing copy to help you improve marketing effectiveness

AI Text dubbing
AI text dubbing, dubbing in more than 140 languages

AI model (Coming Soon)
Quickly generate your virtual digital human model without studio shooting

Overall, KreadoAI is a useful tool for creators who want to create multilingual videos with virtual characters using AI.

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