Cognii AI


August 22, 2023

Cognii utilizes AI technology to enhance education through Virtual Learning Assistants (VLAs). These assistants engage learners in real-time coaching conversations, offering personalized assessment and immediate feedback. Let’s explore the benefits of Cognii AI in education.

Transforming Learning with Cognii AI:

  1. Real-Time Coaching Conversations:
    Cognii’s VLAs provide one-on-one coaching conversations, helping learners revise answers and receive instant feedback.
  2. Personalized Assessment:
    Cognii’s AI analyzes learners’ written responses, assessing correctness and identifying specific ideas, based on natural language processing.
  3. Flexible Assessment and Tutoring:
    Cognii offers AI-powered components for improved assessment and real-time tutoring, empowering educators to create engaging assessments and gain insights into student learning.

Why Cognii?

Cognii AI revolutionizes education with its Virtual Learning Assistants, providing personalized coaching, assessment, and instant feedback. As a leading AI and EdTech company, Cognii creates career opportunities while making a significant impact in the field of education.

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