Huru AI


August 22, 2023


Huru AI is a cutting-edge job interview preparation coaching app that leverages AI technology to provide candidates and students with customized interview practice and instant feedback.


  • AI-Generated Interview Questions: Huru AI automatically generates a wide range of interview questions from over 20,000 options, covering various career positions, ensuring users get comprehensive preparation.
  • Chrome Extension Integration: Users can practice interviews from any job offer listed on popular job boards using Huru’s convenient chrome extension, making it easy to prepare for specific job opportunities.
  • Mobile App Availability: Huru AI is accessible as a mobile app, tailored for college students and job seekers, allowing them to practice interviews conveniently on their smartphones.

Benefits of Using Huru AI:

  • Improved Interview Skills: With customized interview practice and instant feedback, Huru AI helps users develop stronger interview skills, boosting their confidence and performance.
  • Stress Reduction: By offering a supportive and nurturing environment, Huru AI helps users avoid stress and negative feelings associated with interviews, making the process more enjoyable.
  • Language Support: Although currently supporting English only, Huru AI provides the opportunity for users to practice and refine their English interview skills.

In conclusion, Huru AI is a valuable tool for anyone preparing for job interviews. With AI-generated questions, personalized feedback, and stress-free practice, Huru empowers users to excel in their interviews and secure their dream job.

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