Socratic AI


August 22, 2023


Socratic AI is a learning app that supports high school and university students in understanding their coursework. Covering a wide range of subjects, including Math, Science, History, and Literature, Socratic provides visual explanations of key concepts. Powered by Google AI, it delivers relevant learning resources using text and speech recognition. Let’s explore the impact of Socratic AI on education.

Enhancing Learning with Socratic AI:

Socratic AI offers a user-friendly app for high school students, providing visual explanations and resources across subjects like Math, Science, History, and Literature. Leveraging Google AI, it ensures access to relevant materials, fostering a deeper understanding of schoolwork.

Socrative: Empowering Assessments:

Socrative, a companion website, enables teachers to create customized assessments for their students. Using Socrative, teachers design assessments tailored to student needs, and students can easily access and complete quizzes, promoting interactive learning.

Legacy of Socratic Questioning:

Socratic AI draws inspiration from Socratic questioning, a technique developed by philosopher Socrates. It encourages critical thinking and is widely used in education, therapy, and coaching, facilitating deeper learning.


Socratic AI empowers students with a comprehensive learning app, delivering visual explanations and relevant resources across subjects. With Socrative, teachers create tailored assessments, fostering interactive learning environments. Rooted in the legacy of Socratic questioning, Socratic AI encourages critical thinking. Embrace Socratic AI to unlock your true learning potential.

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