Quizgecko AI


August 21, 2023


Quizgecko AI is a user-friendly quiz platform powered by artificial intelligence. It simplifies the process of generating quizzes and flashcards from various sources, such as articles, presentations, notes, and web pages. Whether you’re a teacher, student, or business professional, Quizgecko AI offers a versatile solution for creating engaging assessments. Let’s explore the key features and benefits of Quizgecko AI.

Engaging Quizzes and Flashcards:

Quizgecko AI offers the following features to enhance your quiz creation experience:

  1. AI-Powered Generation: Utilize advanced AI technology to transform text into interactive quizzes and flashcards.
  2. Flexible Question Formats: Choose from multiple choice, true or false, short answer, and fill-in-the-blank questions to suit your needs.
  3. Easy File Upload: Quickly upload PDFs, DOCs, and PPTs to create quizzes and exams, making use of existing content.
  4. Export and Share: Share quizzes with participants, embed them on websites, and access insightful reports on quiz results.
  5. Chrome Extension: Convert any web page into a quiz effortlessly with the Quizgecko Chrome extension.

Customizable and User-Friendly:

Quizgecko AI provides customization options for tailored quizzes:

  1. Difficulty and Question Settings: Adjust the difficulty level and number of questions to match your audience and learning goals.
  2. Language Selection: Choose the language for your quiz, ensuring accessibility for all participants.
  3. Pro Feature for Enhanced Results: Upgrade to the Pro version to input up to 5,000 characters, ensuring accurate results. Generate quizzes of up to 10 questions.


Quizgecko AI empowers users to effortlessly create interactive quizzes and flashcards. With its AI-powered quiz generation, flexible question formats, and seamless file upload capabilities, Quizgecko AI offers a user-friendly experience for teachers, students, and professionals. Discover the possibilities with Quizgecko AI and transform your content into captivating assessments.

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