October 11, 2023

AssemblyAI is an AI tool that provides an API to access production-ready AI models that can transcribe and understand speech with high accuracy. The tool is designed for real-world applications and includes critical features that help understand human speech, including speaker labels, word-level timestamps, profanity filtering, custom vocabulary, and dozens more features. Here are some key features of AssemblyAI:

Industry-leading transcription accuracy:

AssemblyAI’s latest AI model for automatic speech recognition, Conformer-2, achieves state-of-the-art accuracy on a wide variety of academic and real-world datasets compared to other ASR models, and makes up to 43% fewer errors on noisy data.

Custom Vocabulary:

AssemblyAI boosts accuracy for vocabulary that is unique or custom to your specific use case or product.

Speaker Diarization

AssemblyAI automatically detects the number of speakers in your audio file, and each word in the transcription text can be associated with its speaker

International Language Support:

With AssemblyAI , gain support to transcribe over 16 languages and counting, including Global English (English and all of its accents).

Automatic Punctuation and Casing

AssemblyAI automatically adds casing and punctuation of proper nouns to the transcription text.

Confidence Scores:

With AssemblyAI , get a confidence score for each word in the transcript.

Word Timings:

With AssemblyAI , you get Word-by-word timestamps across the entire transcript text.

Filler Words:

With AssemblyAI , optionally include disfluencies in the transcripts of your audio files.

Profanity Filtering:

AssemblyAI automatically detects and replaces profanity in the transcription text.

AssemblyAI’s speech-to-text AI tool is trusted by thousands of businesses of all sizes and provides developers with comprehensive support through its in-depth tutorials, detailed documentation, and changelog. With AssemblyAI, developers can quickly and easily build powerful, AI-first products

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