AI powered video creation tool

October 12, 2023 is an AI-powered tool that allows users to record, transcribe, and enhance audio from anywhere using AI. It can be used to capture thoughts, ideas, interviews, meetings, or lectures, and can generate text summaries of high quality for voice notes. The tool leverages advanced AI models, including OpenAI’s Whisper and other audio models, for efficient and accurate transcription, summary, and text processing. is user-friendly and allows users to customize their note-taking experience by adjusting the app settings to their preference, including the input language, output notes language, summary style, and summary length. Here are some key features of

Automatic voice note capture: can automatically capture voice-based notes, making it easy to record your thoughts and ideas

Cloud-based storage: offers cloud-based storage, allowing users to access their notes from anywhere.

Transcription and summarization: can transcribe and summarize voice-based notes, making it easier to review and reference important information

Content generation: can generate content from voice-based notes, helping users create blog posts, emails, tweets, and threads using voice-to-text conversion.

Customization options:

Users have control over how refines their content, including the ability to choose their own style, language, or even a custom prompt.

Multi-language support: supports recording audio in any language, and the transcript is generated in that language.

Secure and private: ensures user privacy for voice notes, summaries, transcripts, and generated content, and does not access or share them with anyone.

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