Aug X Labs


October 15, 2023

Aug X Labs is an AI-driven video technology and publishing startup that aims to make storytelling more fun, engaging, and entertaining for anyone. Their generative video AI tool, Augie, allows users to turn words into videos by uploading audio or video recordings and downloading the finished product. Here are some key features of Aug X Labs’ generative video AI tool:

Automatic B-roll generation:

Augie is powered by AI to automatically generate B-roll footage, making the video creation process faster and more efficient

Democratizing video creation

Aug X Labs’ tool is designed to help content creators, such as playwrights, musicians, and podcasters, free themselves from tasks that slow them down and hamper their creativity.

Easy and intuitive interface:

Augie’s user-friendly interface makes it simple for users to upload their audio or video recordings and generate high-quality videos.


By automating the video creation process, Augie allows users to create videos more quickly, freeing up time for other creative tasks.

Enhanced creativity:

With the help of Aug X Labs AI, content creators can explore new ideas and perspectives, allowing for more innovative and unique video content

High-quality output:

Aug X Labs’ generative video AI tool ensures that the finished videos are compelling, relevant, and visually appealing, helping creators captivate their audiences.

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