Best AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing

Best AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing

May 25, 2024

Affiliate marketers enjoy an advantage in being able to promote products or services without incurring the administrative overheads associated with product creation and customer support. AI tools play a pivotal role in this area: connecting potential customers to affiliate programs can result in substantial referral bonuses!

Affiliate marketing presents numerous obstacles. From creating the necessary materials for effective operation – an often lengthy task – to using various channels like email campaigns, Facebook pages and landing pages to increase engagement, conversions and commissions- it can be quite a challenging endeavor.

Artificial Intelligence could help with all of your affiliate marketing needs! AI tools use artificial intelligence to produce and analyze content while simultaneously identifying audiences for targeted ads – just by clicking your mouse!

Not all AI tools are worth your while; here we highlight key characteristics of top AI tools designed specifically to assist affiliate marketers, and offer reliable options which could further advance their work.

What Should Be Looked for in AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing?

Successful affiliate marketing relies heavily on artificial intelligence (AI). For maximum success in this realm, tools with features such as these should be considered;

Search engine optimization (SEO): Search engines are an affiliate’s bread and butter. Look for tools that handle keyword research, content creation, and optimization for a smart internal linking strategy.

User-Friendly Platform: An easily usable AI affiliate marketing tool will deliver value more quickly; consider tools with features such as user-friendly templates to save even more time during content production. Specifically, look out for tools which include preloaded templates to make content creation as effortless as clicking one link!

AI writing tool: Content is key when it comes to affiliate marketing, so look for an AI writing tool equipped with content-generation features for social media posts, video scripts and email marketing messages. A plagiarism checker would also come in handy!

The 10 Best AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing

AI tools for affiliate marketing will supercharge your efforts to boost conversions and expand e-commerce sales, so here are 10 top AI tools designed specifically to do just that.

1. ClickUp

Are You Running An Affiliate Marketing Business With An Outdated Tech Stack? Switching between different platforms with your team could result in wasted time and poor results, particularly for affiliate marketing businesses that operate quickly.

Enter ClickUp everyone’s go-to project management solution that brings whiteboards, documents, tasks, calendars, goals, and AI technologies together under one umbrella.

ClickUp helps marketing teams collaborate using whiteboards, proof content in Docs, and visualize progress through custom dashboards. It even features its own AI tool for affiliate marketing!

You can even ask the AI to summarize content or check your email campaigns for typos. This AI is fine-tuned to marketers’ needs so you get hyper-specific help to streamline your workload.


  • Log all referrals, leads, and customers in ClickUp CRM’s marketing module
  • Choose from over 100 trigger-based automation
  • Monitor both team progress as well as organization-wide goals with ClickUp Goals
  • Use ClickUp Templates to quickly generate AI content plans, editorial calendars, brand guidelines and marketing roadmaps.

2. Anyword

AI writing tools like ChatGPT will churn out text for you, but this likely isn’t tailored specifically to your affiliate marketing goals or brand guidelines. Anyword solves this problem easily: simply plug your guidelines, channels, goals into their platform for predictive analysis to see if the text hits its mark.

Anyword offers a Custom Scoring AI model which lets you train it based on how you want. Furthermore, this tool displays its best performing texts for easy selection from them.


  • This marketing workflow tool’s Performance Boost Extension allows it to work on ChatGPT, Notion AI, Canva, and more
  • Rewrite underperforming ad copy
  • Automatically A/B test ad copy once you train the AI on your brand tone
  • Come up with SEO-optimized content ideas, blog titles, and more

3. Frase

Frase positions itself as an AI tool for affiliate marketing with SEO as its focus. Its AI Writer feature generates content while its SEO Research feature analyzes competitors and assists in creating blogs which outshout them.


  • Visualize SERP metrics in the Research tab for a high-level view of your performance goals
  • Generate outlines based on search engine results
  • Write engaging header options with AI
  • Optimize existing content with Frase’s intuitive topic model

4. Sprout Social

Social media is one of the best free AI tools for affiliate marketing, offering direct pathways to commissions as long as engaging content is created and posted regularly.

Sprout Social is an intelligent social media management platform offering marketing analytics, social commerce tracking and link tracking features. Furthermore, its AI uses 10 years’ of historical data to optimize copy creation for social posts as well.


  • Integrates with all major social media sites
  • Conduct textual and sentiment analysis with its integration of OpenAI
  • Fastly take action on the last 10 years worth of social media interaction information
  • Make Spike Alert notifications to stay informed of new conversations

5. LiveChat

LiveChat gives you a chatbot to cultivate customer relations and increase conversions – hopefully improving conversion rates along the way! It is an integrated customer service platform, connecting email, SMS, website messaging and social media messages in one central place. If your target audience often asks questions about products you sell, use LiveChat’s AI Assist feature to set tone appropriately and prevent typos in customer interactions.


  • Create chat summaries with just one click
  • LiveChat is a way to connect human customer support reps to tools to benefit speed chats with customers
  • Make use of AI Assist in order to expand and change the way you talk
  • LiveChat AI automatically corrects spelling and grammar errors

6. AdCreative

Advertising may be costly, but it can quickly generate affiliate leads. AdCreative provides not only copy, but will even use artificial intelligence to create visual ads – perfect if your graphic designer doesn’t have time for custom graphics creation! AdCreative makes your MarTech stack complete!


  • Find your competitors’ top-performing ads using Competitor Insights AI
  • AdCreative can create images, texts and more for your marketing campaigns.
  • Create content for social media platforms. material to be used on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and X
  • AdCreative examines your current ads and suggests improvements

7. GetResponse

Are You Needing More Email Responses? GetResponse is here to help your marketing project succeed beyond expectations! It’s not just an email marketing platform; it’s a comprehensive marketing solution that also develops websites, landing pages, SMS campaigns, paid advertisements and conversion funnels!

Use the AI Email Generator to quickly generate optimized emails and subject lines with just a few clicks, including AI-powered product recommendations for eCommerce stores.


  • Visualize your funnel of conversion from beginning to end
  • Create your own Marketing Automations by with a drag-and drop builder
  • With GetResponse, it is simple to set up live web-based chats with customers.
  • Make high-converting landing pages by using its free website builder

8. Jasper

Jasper AI is a popular AI tool for affiliate marketing because of its versatility. Use it for digital marketing copy, presentation scripts and more–in the voice that best reflects your brand identity.

Jasper’s artificial intelligence marketing tools truly stand out. This software’s AI marketing tools enable it to create various assets for affiliate marketing campaigns – especially content creation processes – quickly and effortlessly. All it requires is for you to provide a brief and let the software take over.


  • Jasper analyzes your tone of voice and formatting rules
  • Integrates with Zapier, Webflow, and Google Sheets
  • Collaborate with your team in real time and flag items that are ready for review
  • Create your own dynamic templates

9. Lumen5

Lumen5 is an innovative AI tool for affiliate marketing that specializes in video content. While creating video takes time and resources, Lumen5 makes professional-grade videos easier than ever with AI’s power allowing for effortless creation without editing skills required – just drag-and-drop away to marketing glory!


  • Convert your most popular blogs into AI videos
  • Generate talking head-style videos
  • Use Lumen5 templates, images, and video footage for a professional look in less time
  • The algorithm automatically determines the length of each clip, text positioning, and scene composition

10. Brandwatch

Brandwatch is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered affiliate marketing solution tailored specifically for social media. This platform can be used to research consumer demand, monitor your brand accounts and create content tailored specifically for engagement with target audiences. Furthermore, Brandwatch features GPT-powered conversation insights, copywriting assistance capabilities and content marketing insights for added benefit.


  • Source and manage influencers in one platform
  • Collaborate with your team in a shared marketing calendar
  • Store all digital assets in the Brandwatch shared library
  • Build audience profile cards so you always understand who you’re speaking to
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