Best AI Tools for Excel

best ai tools for excel

May 25, 2024

AI has had an immense impact on the way we use our everyday tools. In fact, Microsoft Excel, one of the most commonly used applications for managing numbers and manipulation of data, has received an update thanks to AI. Excel AI Tools are a key element in aiding in the process of working with data within Excel.

AI-powered tools for Excel make use of advanced technology to make the tasks of the spreadsheet easier, like getting rid of messy data, predicting future trends and suggesting ways to present data visually using graphs and charts. Imagine AI software for Excel as an individual assistant that helps accelerate and streamline working processes!

Power Query, for example can be described as an AI tool that helps in the process of cleaning and changing data quickly to save time and decreasing the chance of errors. Additionally, with predictive analysis functions in Excel along with Power Query’s predictive analysis capabilities and AI capabilities that is based on historical data is what makes Power Query particularly helpful to sectors like sales and finance.

Top 10 Excel AI Tools in 2024

Now that we’ve identified the Excel tools we expect will be the most dependable and frequently utilized by data analysts in 2024, let’s expand our knowledge by looking at 10 great Excel tools specifically created for data analysts.

Ajelix: Best AI Tool for Excel

Ajelix is an AI-powered tool that assists Excel users with automating repetitive tasks, simplifying formula creation and authoring advanced VBA scripts for automation. Ajelix excels at quickly translating text to formulas in order to significantly cut back time required to use Excel applications.


  • This tool is able to convert the text to Excel formulas in just a small amount of time.
  • It will benefit in writing VBA scripts to automate your tasks within Excel.
  • Ajelix is a tool to cleanse your data by eliminating duplicates, fixing mistakes and formatting it in a proper way.
  • Make your data more useful by running statistical tests and preparing reports.

Arcwise AI: Advanced AI-Powered Excel Tool

Arcwise AI for Google Sheets is designed to quickly aid in understanding, refining and incorporating data by providing AI-generated formula suggestions and streamlining spreadsheet tasks such as data sorting, filtering and summarization through automation.

Sheet+: Top AI Formula Generator Excel Tool

Sheet+ is an Excel AI tool designed to quickly generate formulas you require in seconds, whether you are new to spreadsheets or an experienced user seeking a refresher course in Google Sheets and Excel, Sheet+ can assist both learning users as well as experienced spreadsheet veterans alike in becoming experts at spreadsheet usage. Convert text directly into Google Sheets Formulas or Excel Formulas which reduces memory issues associated with complex formulas.


  • Easily Debug formulas
  • Generate accurate Google Sheets and Excel formulas from text
  • Increases the productivity
  • Enhanced Data Analysis

PromptLoop: User-Friendly AI Excel Tool 

PromptLoop is an AI tool that can assist with Excel spreadsheets. Utilizing GPT-3 as its foundation language model, PromptLoop understands your questions and instructions before responding with appropriate responses. PromptLoop serves as a plug-in which offers users functions to run Al models directly on rows in spreadsheets where needed.


  • Explain the logic behind your spreadsheet formulas
  • Scrape data from the web and import it into your spreadsheet
  • Easily fix formatting errors

ExcelBot: Text to Formula AI Excel Tool

ExcelBot was developed to make your work in Excel and Google Sheets quicker and more effective, thanks to its user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities. Excel Bot’s standout feature is its ability to convert text to formulas quickly; this feature makes the Excel Bot especially valuable for users who frequently toggle between formula and regular text formats.


  • Provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to use Excel
  • Help you generate formulas for a variety of tasks, such as calculating sums, averages, and counts
  • Excel forum allows you to ask questions and get help from other Excel users

Neural Formula: Comprehensive Excel AI Tool

Neural Formula is another AI tool designed to generate and debug formulas in Excel. Utilizing its neural network technology, Neural Formula has you covered if spreadsheet challenges arise – simply call them one stop solution instead!


  • Easily create, edit, clarify, and convert formulas in Excel and Google Sheets
  • Simplify your tasks with integrated assistance for these crucial tools
  • Neural Formula provides user friendly interface

GPTExcel: AI Driven Excel Formula Generator Tool

This tool produces spreadsheet formulas tailored specifically for Excel, Sheets and Airtable that enable users to perform complex calculations and analyses quickly and easily. Furthermore, VBA Script, Apps Script and Airtable Script are generated for automating repetitive tasks within these platforms to increase productivity within them.


  • Categorizing rows of data into specific groups
  • Forecasting future values based on historical data
  • Ability to process large datasets within the spreadsheet

AI Office Bot – Free AI Tool for Excel

The AI Office Bot is an impressive artificial intelligence-powered tool. It creates and provides explanations for formulas in Airtable, Google Sheets, and Excel – not only increasing productivity and saving time but supporting 12 applications simultaneously – instantly providing answers when users input queries or have problems in an instant! Users can input questions quickly with instant solutions provided instantly to ensure accuracy, customization and make work more convenient.


  • Supports over 12 applications
  • Increases productivity
  • Save time

Goodlookup: Versatile Excel AI Tool

Goodlookup is an intelligent spreadsheet-user friendly tool created specifically to speed up topic clustering tasks within Google Sheets. As an intelligent pre-trained model with intuitive capabilities comparable to GPT-3 and fuzzy matching matching algorithms. Goodlookup uses methods similar to VLOOKUP/INDEX MATCHING techniques in order to speed up topic clustering processes more rapidly.


  • Solve text-to-text record linking problems
  • Uses NLP technology to unlock new possibilities with text data
  • Enhanced Lookup Functions

Formulas HQ: Most Flexible AI Excel Tool

Formulas HQ is an invaluable spreadsheet resource with the power to simplify complex calculations by offering simplified descriptions for desired calculations and our AI creating the formulas automatically for Excel or Google Sheets sheets.


  • Supports integration with various applications.
  • Effortlessly spot and correct any discrepancies, duplicates, or mistakes in the data.
  • It can help you make better decisions

Need for AI Excel Tool

The demand of AI Excel tools arises from the ever-growing amount of data and complexity that both businesses and individuals manage every day. Here are the top reasons for why AI Excel tools are essential:

  • Efficiency: AI-powered functions in Excel make it easier to automate repetitive tasks like cleaning and analyzing data and visualisation. This not only reduces time but also lets users concentrate on more important aspects of their job.
  • High accuracy: AI algorithms can process and analyze data with a high level of accuracy, which reduces the risk of human errors that may occur in the manual handling of data.
  • Information Complexity databases are usually large and complex which makes it impossible to process and analyze them manually. AI Excel tools are capable of handling huge volumes of data, gaining valuable insights quickly.
  • Advanced Analytics: AI tools for Excel allow users to conduct sophisticated analyses, like predictive modeling and machine learning directly in Excel. This empowers both businesses and individuals to make informed decisions.
  • Data Visualization: Artificial Intelligence-driven information and suggestions benefit users create stunning visualizations that energetically convey the knowledge gained from data.


Artificial intelligence-powered Excel AI tool have the potential to transform how professionals use spreadsheets, making complex tasks simpler and faster while improving accuracy. Technology will continue its rapid advancement; therefore, this market should see even more exciting innovations and enhancements over time.

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