Best AI Tools for PPT

Best AI Tools for PPT

June 1, 2024

In need of a slide deck refresh? Looking for a way to enliven your meetings and presentations this year so they can stand out from the crowd. Best ai tools for ppt while PowerPoint certainly offers a variety of useful features, including embeddable media, design elements, a design assistant, and animations, it sometimes helps to give your slide deck an update and try something new. What if you could halve your preparation time?

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That’s where AI-powered presentation software comes in. They are becoming increasingly popular, and their features range from design engines, “smart” templates that require slight tweaks with just a few clicks, data visualization, and even branding and color schemes! Read on for a round-up of five of the best AI-powered presentation design tools:

1. is a software that enables you to create stunning presentations without it being time-consuming. The entire process is automated, so all you need to do is select one of the Smart Slides, input your content, and let it align and incorporate design elements for you. You can also customize it so that it reflects your brand colors. Additionally, the software has the facility to import existing PowerPoint presentations, so if you have a dull-looking presentation with all the content ready to go but you’re still not satisfied, the tool can adapt it for you and add a touch of sparkle.

2. Simplified

Simplified hosts, amongst other AI tools, an AI Presentation Maker. This handy application can create beautifully designed slide decks, no matter the topic, and can also convert slides into videos. Existing slide deck template categories range from GTM strategies, to start-up business plans and conference presentations.

3. has an almost endless selection of templates, styles, and themes to choose from, via its Designmaker tool. It also boasts an exhaustive library of thousands of graphic element assets.

4. Slidebean

Slidebean is purpose-built for start-up founders, and is a platform that gets you equipped with impressive pitch decks for investors. It offers two options: the AI self-service option that designs your pitch deck and allows collaboration with your founder team, or its pitch deck service in which business analysts will help you with designing and writing your deck including GTM strategy and financial modeling.

5. Gamma AI

Gamma is one of the most engaging presentation tools available. It allows you to embed a range of media including GIFs, videos, charts, and websites, and even has a feature that enables you to drill into the details using nested cards. If you’re super busy and short on time, Gamma is perfect because you can easily customize and refine layouts for entire presentations within minutes. You can then share your beautifully designed presentation to team members or clients who can view it from any device. The tool can also be used to create captivating documents and webpages with all the complex information presented in a condensed, user-friendly format.

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