Bland AI

April 12, 2024

Bland AI is an infrastructure platform that enables businesses to build, test, and scale AI-powered phone calling applications.

Key Features of Bland AI:

        • Allows businesses to build AI phone agents that can handle inbound and outbound calls at scale
        • Provides the ability to transfer calls to a human agent based on predefined conditions
        • Enables integration of external APIs to inject live data into phone calls
        • Offers a library of voice clones or the ability to create custom voice clones
        • Allows training of AI phone agents using existing phone call data to improve performance and prevent hallucination
        • Provides access to external APIs during live calls, enabling access to customer records, knowledge bases, and scheduling capabilities
        • Partitions enterprise infrastructure from the general API to increase reliability during high call volumes
        • Supports automation of phone calls across various industries like healthcare, real estate, logistics, financial services, and small business
        • Claims to boost conversion rates by up to 8x for inbound leads by calling them immediately after they fill out a website form
        • Charges $0.12 per minute for connected calls, billed to the exact second, with volume discounts available for enterprises

Benefits of Bland AI:

        • Scalability and reliability: Bland is designed to handle high call volumes, with the ability to dispatch or receive thousands of phone calls at once. It provides dedicated infrastructure for enterprises to scale their AI phone agents.
        • Customization and integration: Bland allows developers to integrate its AI-driven phone call capabilities into their applications via an API. This enables features like injecting live data into phone calls and accessing external APIs during calls.
        • Improved performance and reduced errors: Bland can fine-tune custom language models for enterprises using their prior conversation data, improving the performance of the AI phone agents. It also allows building guardrails against hallucination to prevent errors.
        • Versatility across industries: The Bland AI tool has applications in various sectors, including healthcare, financial services, real estate, logistics, and small business, by automating tasks like appointment reminders, payment processing, and lead follow-up.
        • Cost-effectiveness: Bland offers a straightforward pricing model starting at $0.12 per minute for connected calls, which can be further discounted for larger enterprises.
        • Safety and security measures: Bland emphasizes its commitment to safety and security, with active monitoring to prevent potential misuse of the AI voice technology.

There are several benefits to using Bland AI, including:

  • Increased efficiency: Automate repetitive tasks like appointment reminders or lead generation.
  • Improved customer experience: Provide 24/7 support and faster response times.
  • Cost savings: Reduce reliance on live agents for simple tasks.
  • Data collection: Extract valuable insights from call conversations.

Bland AI is suitable for businesses of all sizes, across various industries. It can be particularly beneficial for companies with high call volumes or needing to streamline customer support operations.

Bland AI can handle both outbound and inbound calls. You can use it for various purposes, including:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Lead generation
  • Customer support
  • Surveys
  • Market research

Yes! Bland allows you to create custom phone agents tailored to your specific needs. You can configure the agent’s voice, responses, and even integrate with external APIs to take live actions during calls.

By default, Bland’s infrastructure operates within the United States. However, they can configure custom solutions for international enterprises.

Currently, Bland AI primarily supports English-language phone interactions. However, they may offer support for other languages in the future.

Bland offers two solutions: direct API access for developers and custom implementations for enterprises. You can explore their getting started guide and developer portal on their website (

Bland’s API supports various programming languages, including Javascript, Python, and cURL.

Bland charges a per-minute rate of $0.12, only for connected calls, billed to the exact second. They also offer volume discounts and enterprise solutions.

Bland offers $2 in free testing credits for developers to experiment with the API.

Yes, Bland allows you to schedule and dispatch thousands of AI phone calls simultaneously.

Bland can handle a high volume of calls concurrently. They can also provide dedicated infrastructure for enterprises with even larger call needs.

Bland provides analytics tools to help you track the performance of your phone agents. You can monitor metrics like call completion rates, conversation lengths, and customer satisfaction.

Bland takes data security seriously. They employ robust security measures to protect all call data and user information.

Yes, Bland offers tools to extract structured data (like names, dates, or order numbers) from call conversations. This data can then be exported in JSON format for further analysis.

Bland allows integration with external APIs. You can potentially connect it to your CRM or ticketing system to automatically update records based on call information.

Yes, Bland offers the option to fine-tune a custom large language model (LLM) for your phone agent. This can be done using your company’s historical call recordings and transcripts, allowing the agent to become more specialized in your domain.

While Bland doesn’t explicitly mention sentiment analysis, their custom LLM training with call data could potentially enable the AI agent to identify sentiment cues in conversations.

Bland AI can be used for various sales-related tasks like lead generation, appointment setting, or following up with potential customers. However, the complexity of closing sales might

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