Cognitive Mill


November 1, 2023

CognitiveMill™ by AIHunters is a cognitive computing cloud platform for intelligent Media and Entertainment industry automation. It is a powerful tool that uses brain-inspired AI video content analysis to make informed decisions and automate media processing tasks. Here are some of the features of CognitiveMill™:

  • Visual AI Video Editing: CognitiveMill™ offers a visual AI video editing app called Klipme, which uses AI algorithms to create highlight reels and video summaries from your footage. It can analyze and process hours of footage and provide you with content in just a couple of minutes.
  • Human-like Comprehension: CognitiveMill™ uses a potent cocktail of AI and cognitive science to easily recognize the theme and context of any footage. It brings video content analysis to the human level of comprehension.
  • Proprietary Technology Application: The entire set of tech is built by the AIHunters team to make sure it applies to a wide variety of content types.
  • No Third-party Data Required: CognitiveMill™ makes informed decisions based only on the data extracted from the footage. No need for timestamps or script extracts.
  • Brain-inspired Computer Vision: CognitiveMill™ strives to model its algorithms after the human brain, imitating the way we focus on things, analyze them, and make decisions.
  • Specifically Designed for M&E: CognitiveMill™ is a cloud platform that caters to media industry professionals. It can automate the production of TV shows, movies, sports broadcasts, news coverage, social media content, and more.
  • Reusable Libraries, Modules, Containers, and Pipelines: The service includes reusable libraries, modules, containers, and pipelines, both independent and structured into pipelines. Combining these blocks, it can deliver any type of cognitive automation by reconstructing a simplified model of human cognition.
  • Multi-cloud Service Infrastructure: CognitiveMill™ is a multi-cloud service infrastructure that ensures unlimited scalability. Integration is available via API.

CognitiveMill™ is a powerful tool that can automate video editing and processing tasks, making them faster and more efficient. It is specifically designed for the media and entertainment industry and offers a range of features that cater to the unique needs of this industry

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