October 18, 2023

Dreamix is an AI-powered video editor that allows users to generate videos from images and text prompts, and edit video visuals using text prompts. It is a diffusion-based AI video generator that enables realistic motion and appearance editing of images and videos, and subject-driven video animation. Some of the key features of Dreamix include:

  • Generative AI models: Dreamix uses generative AI models that can create new, original content from scratch. These models can learn from data and generate new content that resembles it, and have many applications, from natural language processing to image and video synthesis.
  • Subject-driven video generation: Dreamix’s subject-driven video generation can be a useful tool for animators, both to inspire their animated work and generate basic object animations from scratch with little to no effort. Animators can feed Dreamix images of a subject, such as an animal or character concept, then animate it using a variety of text-based prompts.
  • Text-based motion and appearance editing: Dreamix enables text-based motion and appearance editing of general videos, and has a mixed objective finetuning with full temporal attention and temporal attention masking.
  • Realistic motion and appearance editing: Dreamix enables realistic motion and appearance editing of images and videos, and can be used to animate images by transforming them into coarse videos.
  • Video synthesis from a single image: Dreamix can generate new videos directly from a single image by making slight changes, such as in the pose of the object, and then applying them.

Dreamix can be a useful tool for video editors, animators, and content creators, as its features enable realistic motion and appearance editing, and subject-driven video generation. It can also be used as a source of creative inspiration or a useful AI tool for generating videos that can serve as drafts or concepts. Dreamix is still a research project and not a downloadable app, but it has demonstrated visual accuracy with regard to the input prompts

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