Easy-Peasy AI

Artificial intelligence in education

October 7, 2023

Easy-Peasy.AI is an AI tool that offers a variety of writing services, including speech-to-text transcription. Here are some key features of Easy-Peasy AI:

Human-level accuracy:

The AI harnesses the power of machine learning to provide outstanding speech recognition, reaching human-level proficiency.

Speaker detection:

Easy-Peasy.AI can distinguish between different speakers with ease, bringing clarity to your transcriptions.

Multilingual support:

Easy-Peasy.AI supports over 38 languages, making it your perfect ally in an increasingly connected world.

Versatile transcription:

From Zoom meetings and podcasts to lectures and more, Easy-Peasy.AI has got it covered.


Need a concise summary? Easy-Peasy.AI can distill the gist from hours of conversation.


Easy-Peasy.AI securely processes your files, never shares them with third parties, and allows you to delete files after usage, ensuring your data remains confidential and protected.

Overall, the Easy-Peasy.AI speech-to-text AI tool is a versatile and accurate tool that can help you transcribe audio content in multiple languages with ease.

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