October 29, 2023

GhostCut is a professional AI video editing tool that simplifies video editing by offering a range of features to assist creators, merchants, and MCNs with their video localization and marketing needs. Here are some of its key features:

  • Smart Text Removal: GhostCut offers an AI inpainting function that can remove text from videos, including subtitles, watermarks, and logos. This feature saves time and effort by quickly identifying and erasing text in just a few simple steps.
  • Video Translation and Dubbing: GhostCut’s video translation and dubbing tool can translate the audio or subtitles into other languages with just one click, making it easy to reach global audiences.
  • Subtitle Translation: GhostCut can complete video translation dubbing, hard subtitle translation, and video subtitle removal.
  • Video De-duplication: GhostCut’s video de-duplication tool is useful in creating unique content by providing a range of editing modes to make videos stand out.
  • One-click Multi-style Editing: GhostCut’s one-click multi-style editing mode allows creators to make one video in different styles and can create several videos in different styles from one uploaded video.
  • HD Support: GhostCut offers HD support, which means that users can edit high-quality videos.
  • Faster Processing: GhostCut’s automatic analysis feature eliminates the need for manual intervention when removing text from videos, saving content creators and video editors valuable time and effort.
  • Batch Editing Capabilities: GhostCut offers batch processing, which means that users can edit multiple videos at once.

Overall, GhostCut is a powerful AI video editing tool that combines several video editing tools in one to assist creators, merchants, and MCNs with their video localization and marketing needs. Its features include smart text removal, video translation and dubbing, subtitle translation, video de-duplication, one-click multi-style editing, HD support, faster processing, and batch editing capabilities.

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