Keywrds AI


October 5, 2023 is an AI-powered SEO tool that helps users generate keywords, questions, topics, and blog post outlines to create content tailored to their target audience’s needs. The tool utilizes an AI engine to deep dive into any niche and uncover the keywords and topics that the target audience is searching for. It also automates the process of answering Google’s “People Also Ask” questions and enables users to generate controversial, thought-provoking, and unconventional topics. Here are some key features of Keywrds AI:

Keyword Generation:

Starting with a single seed keyword, users can generate a list of hundreds of keywords that are more useful than typical tools. These keywords are modeled after how people actually search for things in search engines, making them highly relevant.

Question and Topic Ideation:

After generating keywords, users can utilize them to generate questions, topics, and blog post outlines. This helps users create content that not only targets their audience’s needs but also helps them stand out in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and prove their authority.

Controversial and Thought-Provoking Topics: allows users to easily generate controversial, thought-provoking, and unconventional topics, helping them create engaging content that sparks discussion and interest.

Estimated Search Volume and Keyword Difficulty:

The tool provides users with useful data such as estimated search volume and keyword difficulty, helping them make informed decisions about which keywords to target.

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