Loom AI


September 9, 2023

Loom is the video communication platform for async work that helps companies communicate better at scale. Loom makes it easy to record quick videos of your screen and camera and instantly share them with a link.Record clearer, faster video messages with Loom AI that engage your audience. All without lifting a finger. Loom Features:

Customized Video Titles

Loom AI instantly generates customized video titles that increase your views and viewer engagement.

AI – Powered Summaries

Loom AI creates a summary of your video right after you record, making it easy to get your message across

Organize Video With Chapters

Loom AI creates chapters for each important topic in your Loom so viewers can navigate with a few clicks. With time stamped chapters, your audience can link and respond to specific content in your Loom, all without extra work on your end.

Follow up on tasks

Loom AI intelligently identified and assigns action items to you and your coworkers based on the content of your Loom.

Filler word removal

Loom AI seamlessly removes ums and ahs from your videos.

Silence removal

Loom AI automatically identifies and trims long , silent pauses in the recording.

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