Mind-Blowing YouTube Shorts Creation With Canva And ChatGPT (Watch And Learn!)

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ChatGPT Prompt To Get Trivia Questions & Answers:

Create 12 sets of trivia questions in 6 different trivia categories In the same style as the below examples, and format them in a table where one column is the trivia category, one column is the part 1 and one column is the part 2. Do not repeat any questions. The trivia categories should be Pop Culture Trivia , Sports Trivia,Animal Trivia,Food Trivia,History Trivia,Famous People Trivia. Keep the facts engaging, polarizing, over the top and relatable to everyone or people in particular situations. The reading grade should be under grade 7 ideally.

Topic: Famous People Trivia

Part 1: Ever wondered why Taylor Swift’s lucky number is 13?

Part 2: Turns out, she was born on the 13th and considers it lucky!

Topic: Famous People Trivia

Part 1: Did you know Elon Musk once sold…

Part 2: …a video game he created for $500 when he was 12?

ChatGPT Prompt To Get Title,Description And Tags:

I want you to generate engaging title , description and tags for my youtube short , keep in mind about writing an interesting title that earns a viewer’s click while description and tags should be focusing on seo . Ensure that the tags are separated by a comma, My short is about “Wonder why flamingos are pink?”

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