Muse AI


November 1, 2023 is a video hosting platform that provides a powerful embed video player and the most advanced video search. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze videos and extract meaningful information from them, such as speech to text, object recognition, text detection, face detection, and action recognition. Here are some of the features of’s video editing AI tool:

  • Automated video transcription: seamlessly converts speech into accurate text, enabling users to easily search and navigate through their videos.
  • Custom labels and tags: Users can fine-tune the labels that’s AI automatically generates and tailor them to their use-case with custom names.
  • Effortless clip cutting and sharing: Users can effortlessly cut short segments from their videos and share them with their audience wherever they are, using’s cross-device clipping tool.
  • In-video search: With’s in-video search, users can instantly retrieve any file by searching for what’s in it, such as speech, text, people, objects, sounds, actions, and more.
  • Analytics tracking: allows users to track analytics such as view count, time watched, engagement, and more.
  • Embedding videos: Users can embed videos or entire collections on their own website and style them freely according to their own theme.
  • Branded streaming platform: Users can easily set up a branded streaming platform for their content, complete with custom tiers and paid subscriptions.
  • Advanced AI video search:’s advanced AI video search allows users to search their footage for speech, text, people, objects, sounds, actions, and more, and navigate video like never before.
  • Video monetization:’s Market empowers users to easily sell videos and explore novel monetization methods. is a comprehensive solution for users seeking to enhance their creativity and efficiency in the digital realm. It is a powerful tool that lets users unleash the power of video for themselves or their audience.

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