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October 22, 2023

Narration Box is an AI-based text-to-speech tool that allows users to create voiceovers, audiobooks, audio pages, podcasts, and more in over 70 languages with the help of 700+ AI narrators. It is designed to make content creation easier and faster by offering a wide range of features and tools. Here are some of the key features of Narration Box:

  • Multiple Applications: Narration Box can be used by authors to pair their books and ebooks with an audiobook version, by educators to create lectures in more than 70 languages, by product managers to create a rich in-app experience with human-like AI narrators, by marketing teams to create voiceovers for marketing videos and narrations for advertisements, by founders to create multi-lingual explainer videos or tutorials for their startup, by podcasters to grow their podcast across languages and regions, by content creators to create audio for their videos on various platforms, and by media houses to set up custom text-to-speech audio widgets for their news sites.
  • AI Narrators: Narration Box features more than 700 AI-enhanced human-like narrators in over 20 languages and accents. Users can choose from a variety of voices to match their content and style.
  • Speech Editor: Narration Box has a power-packed speech editor that allows users to customize their audio by adjusting the pitch, emphasis, and pauses of the AI voice6. This feature enables users to convey their message in the way they want to and make their narration more gripping and effective.
  • Audio Widgets: Narration Box provides audio widgets for blogs and news sites, allowing users to engage their visitors with audio. This feature can help media houses to increase user engagement and make their content more accessible.
  • Resources: Narration Box provides users with resources such as FAQs, feedback, updates, and more. This feature can help users to get started with the tool and troubleshoot any issues they may encounter.
  • Distribution, Analytics, and Monetization: Narration Box provides tools for distribution, analytics, monetization, and more. This feature can help users to grow their audience, track their performance, and monetize their content.

Narration Box is a versatile tool that can help creators, companies, and organizations to create high-quality content in multiple languages and reach their global audience. Its easy-to-use interface, sleek design, and high-end features make it a must-have tool for someone that wants to create great voiceovers in just minutes

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