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October 13, 2023

Plazmapunk is an AI tool that allows users to generate their own AI music videos by providing a range of customization options. Here are some key features of Plazmapunk:

Customization options:

Users can choose their own music, select a music section, and determine the video style. Additionally, users can adjust the video style to fit their individual needs.

Music selection:

Plazmapunk allows users to upload their own music by clicking on the MP3 upload button or record their own music by clicking on the microphone button. However, to record their music, users must create a recording that lasts a minimum of 5 seconds.

Video length:

Using Plazmapunk, users can create music videos from their mp3 files up to 60 seconds long.

Content description:

Plazmapunk provides options for adding content description just like how you make AI images are supported.

Free trial:

Plazmapunk offers a free trial to test it out.

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