Rotor Videos


October 15, 2023

Rotor Videos is an AI-powered tool designed to help musicians and content creators generate professional-quality music videos, Spotify Canvas Videos, artwork videos, lyric videos, and music visualizers. Here are some key features of Rotor Videos:

Easy video creation for musicians:

Rotor Videos allows musicians to create great videos quickly and easily, even without any video editing skills or production know-how.

Automatic, smart editing:

The AI engine of Rotor Videos analyzes your music and chosen clips, and within minutes, it automatically generates a professional-quality video cut to your music.

Customization options:

Users can apply audio-reactive visual effects, styles, and filters to their videos, choosing from over 150 different professionally-designed video edit styles.

Clip library included:

Rotor Videos provides a library of over 1 million high-quality stock video clips, all included in the price of a download.

Spotify Canvas Videos:

Musicians can boost their streams on Spotify and give listeners a show in every stream with Canvas videos created using Rotor Videos.

Resize and add text to videos:

Rotor Videos offers easy-to-use tools for resizing videos for social media and adding text or lyrics to your videos.

Affordable pricing:

Prices for videos range from $9 for a short video under 1 minute to 3 credits for a music video. Rotor also offers non-expiring credit bundles to help users save money.

Accessible to labels:

Rotor Videos is also accessible to labels, offering monthly music, lyric, promo, and karaoke video creation, as well as YouTube channel design and management.

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