October 30, 2023

Scribewave AI is an online tool that uses AI to transcribe, caption, and subtitle audio and video files in over 90 languages. It offers automatic transcripts with 99% accuracy, video subtitles, easy export to various formats, and an audio-to-video feature. Some of the key features of Scribewave AI include:

  • Automatic Transcription: Scribewave AI uses AI to transcribe audio and video files with 99% accuracy.
  • Video Subtitles: The tool can add subtitles to videos in a variety of formats.
  • Easy Export: Users can export their transcriptions and subtitles to a variety of formats, including Word, SRT, VTT, TXT, and more.
  • Audio-to-Video Feature: Scribewave AI has a unique audio-to-video feature that is perfect for podcasts and lyric videos.
  • Support for Multiple Languages: Scribewave AI supports over 90 languages, making it an excellent tool for international companies.
  • Affordable Pricing: Users can start for free, with payment options available for processing more files.

Scribewave AI is suitable for a range of industries, including academia, media production, and legal documentation. The tool has received positive reviews for its time-saving and cost-effective features, and it aims to revolutionize workflows and help users achieve their goals more efficiently. Overall, Scribewave AI is a valuable tool that streamlines transcription tasks, allowing professionals to concentrate on more important tasks

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