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Is there a tool missing from this site that we should know about? Share it below!

Please Read Before Submitting:

  1. Please do a search on the site before submitting your tool to ensure that we don’t already have it listed.
  2. We do review every tool manually before publishing it on the site. Do not submit your affiliate link to a tool. It will not be approved. Don’t waste your time. We will also not click on links or similar. Direct URLs only please!
  3. We do not curate newsletters on this site. Only tools. Do not submit your newsletter.
  4. Don’t forget to put “https://” with your URL otherwise your site will not be reviewed.
  5. We are currently not accepting tools that are in “waitlist” only unless otherwise discussed with Matt first.

We have gotten much more strict with the tools that we approve on the site. Do not expect that your submission will be approved. Submission does not entitle you to automatic listing! We are looking for novel tools and new use-cases of AI. Poorly built websites, tools that have been created a thousand times already, new tool aggregators, sites with adult content, and spammy looking websites will not be approved.

Do NOT use bots or similar methods to cheat the upvoting system. We watch closely and flag websites that try to cheat the system! Don’t believe me? Sort by upvoted and scroll to the bottom of the list to see the tools that have been sandboxed for trying. You’ve been warned.

With all that out of the way, show me what you got!

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