AI Videos

October 15, 2023

Vidnoz is an AI video creation tool that allows users to generate engaging videos in minutes. Here are some features of Vidnoz:

Create videos from various sources

Vidnoz can generate videos from PDFs, PPTs, URLs, prepared media assets, or local materials.

200+ templates:

Vidnoz offers a collection of professionally designed and editable templates to kick-start your project. Users can generate batches of polished AI videos in a spot.

70+ AI human talking heads:

Vidnoz offers a variety of AI human talking heads that can be used in videos. People using Vidnoz to create videos can earn an exponentially higher conversion rate than those who don’t.

Flexible recording, editing, sharing, and tracking:

Vidnoz allows users to record, edit, share, and track videos in one place.

Free to use

Vidnoz is a free tool that allows users to create videos without any cost but with few restrictions.

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