October 15, 2023

Visla is an AI-powered video creation platform that simplifies the video production process, enabling teams and individuals to easily record, edit, and share high-quality videos. Here are some of the key features of Visla’s generative video AI tool:

AI Video Generator:

With just one click, users can use AI to quickly turn their ideas into videos. Visla’s AI recommendations draw from a wide selection of public stock footage as well as the user’s own private stock. The AI Video Generator helps users write compelling stories from their ideas and customize the tone and style of their video. Users can create professional demos in a snap and add generated text to their scripts and revise it to their liking.

Text-Based Editor:

Visla’s AI-powered transcription allows users to edit videos like a text document. The AI Video Generator provides users with auto-recommended footage to add visual interest to their videos.

Video Recording:

With Visla, users can record videos with a teleprompter, custom backgrounds, and more on desktop and mobile.

Collaboration & Communication:

Visla allows users to record their screen and/or camera, share recordings with easy grab links, and add CTA buttons for next steps. Users can extract snippets of meetings and presentations, recycle video content for sales and marketing, and summarize key video points.

Engage & Inform:

Visla’s AI can auto-insert relevant B-roll, generate informational videos, and create product demos and tutorials.

Use Your Ideas:

 Visla’s AI is able to write a script that elevates a simple idea into a compelling narrative. Users can easily bring their ideas to life and create engaging, attention-grabbing videos

Free Plan:

Visla offers a free plan that includes up to 50 minutes of video, 3 hours of transcription, and 10GB of cloud storage. The premium plan costs $24/month and removes limits for video duration and upping transcription to 10 hours and storage to 100GB

Visla’s AI video generator is a powerful tool that simplifies and enhances the video creation process, making video creation accessible, straightforward, and effective.

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