free ai voice generator

October 28, 2023

Voicera is an AI-powered tool that automatically detects content and creates audio for it. It is a text-to-speech generator that can convert human voice into text. Here are some of the features of Voicera:

  • Transcription: Voicera can transcribe human voice into text.
  • Voice Creation: Voicera can automatically detect content and create audio for it.
  • Audio Content: Audio content is more memorable than written content, and Voicera can help increase brand presence by creating voice dictation for blogs and other content.
  • Value for Money: Unlike its competitors, Voicera counts one word as one credit instead of one character as one credit, providing more value for money.
  • Easy to Use: Voicera is easy to use – just copy and paste your article’s link into the dashboard, select the voice you want, and you’ll get a life-like AI-based voice dictation HTML embed that you can add to your content.
  • OpenGraph: Voicera has OpenGraph for sharing voices on social media, making it easy to share audio content.
  • Analytics: Voicera has robust analytics for voice, allowing users to track the performance of their audio content.
  • API: Voicera has a voice-as-a-service API for developers.

Voicera is a great tool for bloggers and content writers who want to embed a life-like voice dictation of their blogs directly into their content. It is also useful for people who find reading difficult and prefer to listen to content instead

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